Bring It Back


Bring It Back is a local-multiplayer cooperative game in which players control a team of burglars. In each mission, they’ll have to steal valuable items from unexpected places. From gold ingots to rare animals : they’re out to steal everything they can !
The hardest part is not to get to the items but to bring them back to the truck ! Between carrying heavy object and avoiding guards, communication and teamplay will be the players’ most valuable tools on their way to unlimited wealth !

The game is under development, made with Unreal Engine 4 in C++.
A demo is planned to be released in late March 2016.

My main tasks on the project are :

Creating a components based system for gameplay bricks
Using UE4’s Actor and Scene components, I’ve developped a « library » of components that game designers can use and mix in carryable object blueprints. This way, gameplay bricks are combinable, allowing game designers to create a large variety of level design patterns.

Procedural Animation
In addition to prototype’s animations integration, I’ve been in charge of deploying the procedural animation system for the players. Our core gameplay is based on grabbing objects. We needed a system allowing 3D artists and game designers to define the precise location of the characters’ hands when they grab something. I created a custom IK target component that can be used to define the location of left and right hands for each handle composing a carryable object.

Rules, Scoring and Navigation
I’m also working on the main gameflow integration, including menu scenes, victory/defeat conditions and scoring system.