Hallucination is a short development side project made with 2 developer friends.

My main work on this was to create a procedurally generated labyrinth that was permanently changing. The game Antichamber is a great source of inspiration regarding non-Euclidean geometry and we wanted to create the illusion of an infinite labyrinth.

While you progress in the labyrinth, corridors are generated randomly. There’s no turn back : each time you pass a right-angle corridor, the way behind you is destroyed and re-generated. There is a way out, the player must discover how to get out.

This project was the occasion to try 3D modeling, animation and some visual effects as we wanted to add a mystical dimension to our work.

Here is a trailer of the project. The colored waves are generated by sound detection with the computer’s micro. They’re working with a shader created by Paul Gerst, one of my co-worker on this project.